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Electrical Safety Equipment

Safety is a top priority at Smith and Long, and we know that understanding the hazards and using the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is absolutely necessary to both keep our electricians safe and to adhere to the standards as presented in the CSA’s “Workplace Electrical Safety”, the Z462-08. We can provide you with the training and the equipment necessary to safely work on hazardous components of your electrical distribution system.

It is important that you know the risks that you and your employees face when working with electrical equipment, and that you familiarize yourself with the CSA Z462-08 to reduce the risks. It contains information such as the following

(Include Z462-08 chart on PPE levels based on risk)

Smith and Long uses PPE levels 1 through 4 on a daily basis and is familiar with the conditions in which to use them. Whether you are in need of a suit or a whole training package, Smith and Long is able to provide you with what you need to keep safe.

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Electrical Safety Equipment

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