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High Voltage Services

Smith and Long has the in-house know-how and experience to tackle any Medium Voltage or High Voltage testing or service in multi-storey condominium, commercial and industrial facilities.

It is absolutely necessary to test and maintain all Medium Voltage and High Voltage substation and circuit breakers within your facility. A breaker must trip at its specified overload rating in order to protect all other components downstream, and unfortunately there are many factors that can keep it from doing so (such as the failure/seizing of operating mechanisms within the breaker). Tests can be done by qualified personnel that can determine if a breaker is tripping at its proper setting and if all mechanical components will allow it to do so.

These tests are tricky for two reasons – the first being safety. Electrical Hazards such as; Shock and Arc Flash are magnified when dealing with High Voltage equipment, and one must have the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as well as the safety/electrical training to properly perform the tests. The second reason is due to the aging and obsolescence of many breakers, much of the testing equipment and the experience dealing with older components are difficult to come by. For this reason, many electrical contracting companies are forced to subcontract this work, making it more expensive; Smith and Long, however, has all of the talent and tools in-house, increasing our efficiency and reducing your costs.

Come to us with any Medium Voltage or High Voltage testing and maintenance needs. Large oil filled transformers, substations, relays and breakers can be commissioned, tested, maintained and repaired, and we’re available 24/7/365 in the case of emergency.

  • Breaker Testing
  • Distribution upgrade and retrofit
  • Emergency Service
  • Commissioning
  • Coordination and Arc Flash Studies



High Voltage Services

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